Keynote Speakers

Prof. Solomon W. Leung
Idaho State University, USA

Dr. Solomon Leung graduated from University of Iowa, USA, with a B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. from Chemistry, Chemistry Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, respectively. Prior to working in the academics, he was a senior research engineer with the railroads. Dr. Leung is a full professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Idaho State University, Idaho, USA where he resides in the last 26 years. Dr. Leung has published more than 170 presentations with abstracts nationally and internationally, 37 peer-reviewed papers, and 76 conference proceedings and book chapters. He has a diversified research interest which includes physicochemical treatments in water and wastewater, environmental risk and toxicological assessment, and cancer therapy. His recent developments are in applications of nanotechnology and biosensor.

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